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Patricia Westheimer

Hello Rosa, I just received an email informing me about your wonderful work. I am the Godmother of children at the SOS Children’s Village near Estoril. There are many children in the village that can’t read. With best regards and respect

David Fish, Lagos

Hi Rosa – You have produced outstanding results helping children to progress with reading and writing in both English and Portuguese, a natural empathy with children and a deep understanding of how they learn.

Eve Hulbert, Special Needs Teacher

Dear Rosa, I love the look of your books, and I think they will be of great help to young children, in particular those with learning difficulties. I look forward to using them all!

Carla Cartucho, Mother and business woman, Lagos

Hello Rosa .. Thank you for you devotion to the smallest ones and for presenting these books … Many children are going to learn with pleasure their first words in Portuguese. It’s so good to help others * Thanks *

Ellen Gently

These reading books are ideal for children to read to their parents, friends and teachers, putting in the sort of practice that is essential for early reading.

Linda Clayman

Hello Rosa – Thank you so much for making this fine work available to my 2 year old Grandson. We have lived in Portugal for just a few years, and Isaac is just beginning to say a few words in Portuguese. I will be sending a donation on his behalf. Please be strong, and remember this gift you have given to our children will live on for ever in your name. Best wishes


Thank you so much for all of this and all you have given to children all these years.
I am sure Laurinha will love them and they will bring very good memories to her head and heart.

Big kiss with good wishes

Caroline Adams, Almancil

Dear Rosa – My children learnt basic Portuguese using these interesting and imaginative books. Your work helped to prepare them for Portuguese school, in a fun and systematic way. The children and I wish you all the best with your books and hope in the near future more children will have access to these wonderful, and interesting books. Kind regards.

Matthew & Dawn


I hope you received my donation!?

Sorry to hear you’re not that well. Me and my mum are living in Ireland now… I still remember you as my BEST teacher … and this is a little something for your books..


Hi Lesley

I’m Carla, I have been looking at your site and enjoyed it. I’m going to download for my daughters, they also want to know if you find yourself well I wish you much happiness and improvements give me news.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are these books really free?
A: Yes they are – please download and use them!

Q: How many books are there?
A: The number of books available is growing all the time. The reading scheme is fully-defined, and we are working to create the relevant text and images, and then produce the books in PDF format.

Q: How will I know which level to start my child on?
A: Each level has a list of words to read before the next level. If your child can read most of the words in level 1, then she is probably ready for level 2. If she can’t read words from level 1 but knows the alphabet then level 1 is the place to start. Level 0 is alphabet work. The beginning is always a good place to start – even if it is too easy, as it builds up confidence in their ability to read.

Q: Should I read the book to my child before they read it to me?
A: This depends very much on the child. You do not want the child to memorise the book, the objective is to read. When a child lacks confidence it can be good to read the book first. When you are not sure if memory or reading skills are being used try reading the page backwards, or pointing at specific words to be read. There is a list of new words introduced at the back of each book, new words will need more assistance and can be looked at and read before you start the book.

Q: How can I get more out of each book with my child?
A: At the end of each book are some questions that have a comprehension style to them. This ensures your child is ready for future work at school. You can insist on receiving full verbal sentences for answers. Where is the pirate? “The pirate is on the Island.” Ask as many questions as you can think of, include maths – how many pirates in the book?, include geography – what is an island?, include memory skills – what colour is the pirates trousers? The books can be consolidated with the child’s own pictures of the characters with relevant words copied from the book.

Q: Can I use this scheme to learn Portuguese?
A: Yes, although it was not written for this purpose. It is an ideal way to learn Portuguese by reading picture books and through the gradual build up of vocabulary and use of verbs. It is better to learn through picture association than through translation. Grammar rules are also introduced that help readers to understand basic group letter sounds.